Art and Nature in The Southern Alps

The Marcel Kroenlein Arboretum (former director of the Exotic Garden of Monaco) founded in 1988 is the only Art and Nature Arboretum of high mountains in Europe.

Named "The Mountain Garden of the Principality of Monaco" the site offers a spectacularly natural environment where each tree is unique and each contemporary piece of art beholds a meaning.

You may contribute to the project of re-planting trees on Earth by choosing a tree which shall be planted at the right time of the year bearing either your family name or any other you wish for engraved on a ceramic slab (extra charge : 200€). You shall receive a photo as a souvenir.

To arrive to this unique site, we shall cross the Cians Canyon, also called the French Colorado, and we shall visit the picturesque village of Roure overhanging the Tinée Valley.

Possibility to organize lunch at "Le Robur" restaurant of Roure or have a picnic on the site of the Arboretum.


 Visit of the village

 Lunch or Pic-nic

 Visit of the Arboretum

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